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Full fleece



Now in Quebec !  The son of no other than Snowmass Legacy’s Golden Boy and grandson of 4Peruvian Legacy, the 1,5 millions$ alpaca !  RGA Miguel as been held exclusive for a long time out West and his rare genetics is now made available in Quebec.

Miguel is a strong well built macho who has proven himself to throw beautiful crias.  His fleece is fine and shows a beautiful well defined crimp.  He throws fineness, nice regular crimp from head to toe, great density and luster !  His conformation and bite are absolutely perfect.  He throws every colors including black and will not throw patterns or spots if the dam is solid colored.  He will usually greatly improve the dam’s quality in his crias.

He has won several awards during his show career including reserve championships in halter, composite and fleece shows.  His crias are now the ones winning in the show ring, including first places and reserve champions.

Miguel is co-owned with Alpage du Nord in Brownsburg-Chatham.  Outside breedings to Miguel are priced at 3000$ and are limited to the clients of either Alpage du Nord or Alpagas des Hauts Vents.

April 2010 : Winner of the get-of-sire at the Manitoba Keystone Classic, in front of no other than Bolivian Ice Man, Kelowna's Sundance Kid and Pokemon Brew !

April 2011: Winner of the get-of-sire at the Manitoba Keystone Classic for a 2nd year in a row!

Conformation :
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Adventure's Sugar Kane

Histograms : 
2004: AFD 20.71, SD 4.39, CV 21.2%, CF 97.4%
2008: AFD 24.2, SD 4.9, CV 20.3%, >30 9.9%      At 6 years old !
2011 : AFD 26.6, SD 5.6, CV 21.0%, >30 19.5%   At 9 years old !

RGA Miguel

Adventure's Jezabel

Adventure's Caline

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Price : not for sale
Breeding fee : $3000 CD
Breedings limited to
our clients only

DoB : July 2, 2002

Color : Fawn

Sire: Snowmass Legacy's Golden Boy (4Preuvian Legacy son !)
Dam: AVA MME Isaila Fiesta 235

See certificates :     CLAA     ARI

ARI : 840960
CLAA : 26056